Subject: Answer This

To: Drew Webber

From: Marilyn Burge

Date: 12/17/94

On (08 Dec 94) Drew Webber wrote to Dr. James Robertson...

-=> Quoting Dr. James Robertson to Jan Deboer <=-

DW> The church,standard-bearer of MORALITY, will COVER-UP, relocate the perpetrators so they have fresh victims, and spend their "charitable donations" on lawyers to harass the victims. <<<<

DJR> My church would never do that. This sounds like more of your bigotry to me. <<<<

DW> They've done it before, and they'll do it again. <<<<

Yes. There was an item on 60 Minutes regarding this matter. The Church also spends millions of donated dollars providing counseling for the priests, but not one penny on counseling for the victims.

They also spend millions paying off the victims so the matter won't end up in court and become a matter of public knowledge, then then transfer the priest to another parist without telling the parishoners, so they can at least be aware that they have to take special steps to protect their children -- especially their sons who have the honor of being altar boys.

There is one parish archdiocese in New Mexico that will undoubtedly end up in bankruptcy because of the number of outstanding lawsuits there are against it. It is the same archdiocese where the so-called treatment center is that they send these scummy priests to for treatment that obviously isn't working. They are apparently then sending them to parishes within that same archdiocese. Strikes me as pure, unadulterated hubris that they are so confident of the "treatment" they are administering that they are trusting the known child molesters with the children of their own parishoners. That strikes me as being almost as sick as the molestations themselves.

... Bigotry: An Italian redwood

* Origin: So What's Yer Point? (1:105/40.666)