Subject: Another sodomizing priest

From: Fredric Rice

Date: 11/18/95

Here on KFI last Thor's Day Bill Handle was covering the difficulty that Christianity is having getting men to join up and become Catholic priests. His question was,

"How can Christians get more priests to sign up."

Various callers tried to offer suggestions but, as usual, no one was even at all rational (the only rational answer would be, "who needs them?) Eventually the discussion of benefits came up and, as I was thinking to myself that there is only one "benefit" that Christian clergy has to offer, Bill Handle stated what I was thinking.

"The church certainly is good at hideing pedophiles."

Handle commented about a Christian wanted since last week for 38 counts of rape and child molestation against 16 boys. It turns out that some Christian church in Long Beach was hideing the facts about this priest for a long time and didn't bother telling their sheep that they had a known pedophile among them.

I can't think of anything more sinister and evil than Christianity.

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