Associated Press

October 19, 1994

DUBLIN, Ireland (AP) -- U.S. Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith has come up with a unique way to celebrate the cease-fire in Northern Ireland: She's asked Irish children to envision what peace will be like.

The ambassador, who played a crucial behind the scenes role in helping secure an IRA cease-fire, invited primary school children from both sides of the border Wednesday to design a Christmas card for peace.

"This Christmas is an especially joyous one and it seemed appropriate to invite the children whose lives will be most affected by the cease-fire to share with us their vision of a new and peaceful world," she said.

The Irish Republican Army declared a cease-fire in Northern Ireland seven weeks ago. Pro-British Protestant gunmen also have declared a truce. The cease-fires have brought peace to the streets of Northern Ireland for the time since 1969.

Two top prizes -- a trip to Florida -- will be awarded to one pupil from the Republic of Ireland and one from Northern Ireland. The winners will be able to take a parent or guardian on the trip.

Mrs. Smith, sister of the late President John F. Kennedy, will send the two winning entries as her official Christmas card to dignataries and friends around the world.