Associated Press

November 11, 1994

ROME (AP) -- Pope John Paul II insists that the Roman Catholic Church mark 2000 by publicly admitting its errors throughout history, an Italian news agency reported Friday.

The Vatican announced it will release a papal letter Monday on plans for celebrating 2000, which the pontiff has designated a Holy Year.

At a meeting of cardinals earlier this year, the pope said that the Church should make a "courageous recognition of the faults and also the omissions" during the past 2,000 years.

But the cardinals told John Paul that an analysis of the world's ethical failings was more urgent than a self-examination of Church errors.

Critics say the Vatican should fully acknowledge its abuses in the name of religion, like the Spanish Inquisition, and claim responsibility for promoting anti-Semitism and failing to speak out immediately against the Holocaust.

Citing unidentified sources, the ANSA news agency said Friday that the pope still insists that the Church acknowledge human rights violations committed in the name of Christian faith.

ANSA said the pope believes that the moral introspection will boost the Church's prestige.