Some things I've done on the lathe(s), in no particular order or preference.
I've only recently started taking pictures of things I've done, so there are many things not shown here.
And I'll likely NOT be using my cell phone camera again - sorry for the fuzzy pics.

Outboard roughing, Birch
Outboard roughing, Birch
Bowl for Cat's mom, Birch
Bowl for Cat's mom 2
Bowl for Cat's mom 3
Bowl for sis's nuts, Birch
Bowl for sis's nuts 2
Bowl for sis's nuts 3
Bowl for sis, Birch
complete with sad superglue filling
Bowl for sis 2
Bowl for sis 3
Bowl, spalted Birch cut when clearing lot for this house.
There's a vaguely Alaska-shaped spot at the far side.
Bowl, Birch
Bowl, Birch
Bowl 2, Birch
Floating Plate, Redwood from a donated 1970's coffee table top
Floating Plate, Redwood, side
Cup, spalted Birch
Spruce Hen eggs
Southwesternish, spalted Birch
Southwesternish, side
Pine 'Bundt Pan' and Birch box
Pine plate
Pine plate, side
Unfinished bowl, Birch
Unfinished bowl 2
3-Legged bowl, Birch
3-Legged bowl 2
Ring Gear for yarn ball winder
Pinion Gear for yarn ball winder
Simple egg cup, Birch
Hollow Column Fluting test, Birch
8 panel hollow column, Old Futon Slats
8 panel hollow column, it's about 3 feet tall
8 panel hollow column, Fir
Carving Mallets, Birch
3-legged cup, spalted Birch
3-legged cup 2
Cut, inverted hollow form, Pine
Cut, inverted hollow form 2, Pine
Ultra adjustable, high voltage, lovingly restored
1953 Delta Milwaukee 1460 lathe
Not so adjustable, mostly restored, auction steal, early 80's Rockwell lathe
Bowl that exploded shortly after taking picture, Birch chunks
Bowl for the Herods, New Zealand, Birch
Replaces the one that exploded...
Bowl for the Herods 2
Fruit Bowl, Birch
Wedding bowl for friends, Birch
Christmas gift, Zapote
Christmas gift 2
Cleaning the shop and found a chunk of Redwood.
1.125 oz. (34g), 5.125" Dia. (13 cm), 1.5" Tall (38 mm)
The flame in the grain is iridescent - tip it back and forth and it flashes...
Rotten crotch part 1...
Rotten crotch part 2...
Rotten crotch part 3...
Rotten crotch part 4...
3 New Bowls from the last 2 days

Piece of Wytch Elm I got for another project.