Some of these publications no longer exist. Some are virtually
impossible to find.
Yet, I was there. My stories were there for others to enjoy.
That, at least, means something to me.

Age of Wonders, A Horror A Day: 365 Scary Stories,
Bones of the World, Book of All Flesh, Book of Final Flesh,
Cthulhu's Heirs, Crafty Cat Crimes, Dark Terrors 6, Demon Sex,
Die Drachen von Morgen, Dreaming of Angels,
Legends of the Pendragon, Low Port, Paths of the Bold,

Aberrations, Altair, Bardic Runes,
Between Dimensions, Beyond the Rose,
Marian Zimmer Bradley's
Fantasy Magazine, Midnight Zoo, Mystic Fiction
(3), Nemonymous, On Spec, Plot, Pulp Eternity, Realms of
Fantasy, Scavenger's Newsletter,
Shadow Sword, Silver Web, Sirius Visions, Space
& Time, Symphonie's Gifts, Talebones,

Catacombs Magazine, Clean Sheets, Chizine,
E-scape, Electric Wine,,
Outside, Papyrus, SpaceWays
Weekly, Through Darkling Glass. Vestal Review,
Would That It Were