Golden Heart Weight Pulling Champion!!

Sirviver and Jeannie at the Weight Pull Contest

Sir Viver and owner Jeannie Payton of North Pole Win Again !!

Sirvivor Pulls Car

Jeannie Payton coaxes Sir Viver to Pull a Full Load !!

To see a video of the weight pulling just click your mouse pointer anywhere on the image above. (MPEG Movie 6 MB) Be prepared for a LONG wait for the movie to load if you are using a 56K or slower modem.

In this Video, Golden Heart Sole Sir Viver pulls a sled weighted down with the combined weight of concrete cylinders and several people for a total of 3,395 lbs!! The people were weighed and added to the sled after the weight pulling contest ran out of concrete cylinders!!! Who the heck needs Horsepower when you can have SAINT BERNARD POWER instead ????

Now isn't this why it's called a Working Dog Breed? This ain't your mama's lap dog!

Sirvivor Pulling sled

Golden Heart Sir Viver has earned the following:

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