Folk Music Links Alaskan and Elsewhere

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Other Folk Music Links

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Alaska Links

  • If you are looking for Celtic bands and performers in Alaska.

  • If you are looking for other than Celtic bands and performers in Alaska.
  • Not strictly folk, but the Alaska Harp Webpage is dedicated to that many stringed, yet ever so tasteful instrument.

    NOTE: I do not generally list commercial links for free, unless I believe they provide some free resources that further the folk tradition.

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    Everything Else

    This sampling of links are meant to be broadly representative of folk sites out there. Most of them provide their own list of resources and links. Have fun here, then go play some tunes!

  • Ceolas - the quintessential Celtic music site, hosted out of Stanford University. Start here and you may end up anywhere in a few days of browsing, that is, if you come up for air. Good site for exchanging and converting on-line music - text, midi, etc.
  • The Session - kind of a tune exchange for traditional tunes, here's the place to try.
  • WWW ABC Tune Index - The mother of traditional tunes in ABC, a text sharing format
  • Dirty Linen Magazine - the first of the folk magazines on line. Check it out.
  • The Seattle Folklore Society covers folk music in the Northwest.
  • Jay Glicksman's Folk Music Homepage, of Menlo Park, CA offers gobs of comprehensive folk music links.
  • Cybergrass - The Electronic Bluegrass Magazine - with a musical political statement. One of the best bluegrass resources on the web.
  • For fiddle info, there's George Keith's Fiddle Page.
  • The Banjo Newsletter has lots of banjo stuff, plus many useful folk links.
  • Mandozine is not just for those mando-philes amongst you. They have lots of helpful folk links.
  • Green Linnet is a great starting place for searching out tapes and CD's of those Celtic and World Music artists.
  • Rounder Records also maintains a wonderful site for folk music. They list artists, venues, etc.
  • ZZsounds Blues Resources or Blues Net - gotta get down.
  • Celtic Fingerstyle AND Blues Guitar AND Blues Harmonica by Glenn Weiser, who also has some wonderful hippy links
  • Celtic/ British Isles Music For Finger Style Guitar by Art Edelstein
  • Musi-cal provides resources for bios, upcoming concerts, festivals, etc. and let bands input their own info.
  • The Mudcat Café has a searchable index of an over 8000 folk song database.
  • is a growing compendium of Irish music and dance resources.
  • Musicians and Injuries - a practical site for those repetitive stress syndromes, not from being pelted with tomatoes on stage.
  • Kitchen Musician's Hammer Dulcimer Resource Webpage
  • Torbjörn Nager's The Tenor Banjo website, fra Sverige

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