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Annual Traditional Music Festivals and Events in Alaska

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Year 2010

  • Jan. 21-31, 2010 - Anchorage Folk Festival - is typically scheduled for the last two weekends of January - The AFF hotline is 907-566-2334 or you can try to contact Karl Wilhelmi at Some fine guest musicians and more. You can also follow them on Facebook. Guest artists in 2010 are Brother Mule and old time string bandSweet Sunny South.

    Sat. Feb. 13, 2010 - Fairbanks Winter Folk Fest at the Civic Center at Alaskaland/Pioneer Park. The festival typically begins around noon and goes till 11 pm with local talent. If you think you have musical talent, contact Trudy at to see about performing. The annual Folk Fest Membership Meeting used to take place around 6 pm, but I've not noticed this the past couple years. Contact for further info. Dates through 2018 put this festival on the second Sat. of February each year.

  • April 5-11, 2010 - Alaska Folk Festival - in Juneau every April. This is one of the best of any folk festival I've been to - a real musician's festival. It takes over the town. Broadcasts on the radio every evening. Dances from Thursday through Saturday nights concurrent with performances. Workshops. Jam sessions all night for any kind of folk music. A crammed weekend at the end - a physical discharge and a musical recharge for all. Musicians come from all over the Northwest. Not to be missed. Call 907-463-3316 or check the website above for further info. For those of you who like to plan ahead, dates for future years: AFF 36 April 5-11, 2010, AFF 37 April 4-10, 2011, AFF 38 April 9-15, 2012. In case you wonder why the dates rotate around, the historic criteria for scheduling AFF dates is usually First full week in April if it does NOT end on Easter, or the Second full week if the First full week does not work. With the advent of the rotary Pillars series, they ALSO try to avoid the Third Wednesday in April. As long as THEY can figure all this out and let us know, I'm pleased.

    Here are a few very special festivals around North America worth mentioning, even if not in Alaska.

  • The Champlain Valley Music Festival, located in Burlington, Vermont
  • The Festival of American Fiddletunes in Port Townsend, Washington State

    Special One Time Events Summer Festivals Contradance Connection

    If there is a regular festival in Alaska that is not listed here and would like to be, send me the information: gary(at)

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