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Celtic Traditional Music Bands in Fairbanks

Listings constantly under construction. Kind of a statement on bands and band politics anyway.

All phone numbers area code (907)

Celtic Confusion Celtic Confusion - an eclectic group of four to five musicians well known for high power performance, particularly when the whole pile of 'em show up for the gig! Gary Newman, Colleen Herning, Lisa Jaeger, Pat Webb, Max Newman, and Paige Steiner now comprise this fine band. Contact Gary at 488-2001 or gary(at) via email for bookings.
Gaelic Fusion - a fine mix of mostly young local Celtic type musicians, who gather when in town from college, Contact Gary at 488-2001 or gary(at) for bookings.

14k photo of Bill Bill Stevens and Friends - Bill is the premier proponent and most renown of Athabascan fiddling. Briefly, the Athabascan Indians live in Interior Alaska and many learned Irish and Scottish fiddle tunes from the Hudson Bay traders that plied the Yukon River back in the relative old days. The Athabascans have taken the music and tunes to heart and endowed them with special qualities that make it their own. As much a separate tradition of fiddling as Cape Breton (Nova Scotia) style. Reach Bill at (907) 457-7811.

Celtic Traditional Music Bands in Anchorage and Elsewhere

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