Kailua-Kona Underwater Photos

Taken with a housed Cannon A2E with a dual strobe.  A 20mm or 100mm
lens.  Kodak Royal Gold 100asa print film.  The background photo is of some Spinner Dolphins we were fortunate enough to snorkel with.

 A night Manta Dive with Jacks Diving Locker

 Matilda the Manta

 Soaring by

 Here she comes

 Matilda again

 Last one

 Arc-eye Hawkfish

 Christmastree Worm

 Hawaiian Pufferfish

 Hawaiian Puffer #2

 Hawaiian Puffer #3

 Hawaiian Puffer #4

 Snowflake Moray

 Snowflake Moray???

 Snowflake Moray???

 The Inside of Suck em Up

 Whiteline Triggerfish

 Female Trunkfish

 Mushroom Coral

 Fish Ball

 Fish Ball #2

 Fish Ball #3

 Fish Ball #4

 Fish Ball #5

 Close Up Fish Ball

 Turtle watching the fish Ball

 Turtle #2

 Turtle #3

 Turtle #4

 Turtle #5

 Peacock Flounder

 Lava Tube





 Orange Band Surgeonfish

 Peacock Grouper