Some Underwater shots from Cozumel for my friends.

Slides have been added at the bottom of the page. 1-30-2000.

Santa Rosa Wall, Paso de Cedral, Las Palmas, Palancar
Divers at a swim through.

 Spotted Eagle Ray

 Spotted Eagle Ray #2

 Yellow Stingray

 Peacock Flounder


 Sunburst with Divers

 Green Moray

 Green Moray #2

 A better shot of a Yellow Stingray

A few shots from a night dive at Las Palmas.

 Would not be complete without an Octopus

 Octopus #2

 A huge Turtle cant tell by the photo though.

 Scrawled Cowfish

 Spotted Scorpionfish


 Nurse Shark 

Nurse Shark#2

 Nurse Shark #3

 Queen Angel

 Nice Black Grouper

 Didn't want those fingers anyway.

 Smooth Trunkfish

Tormento's #2

 Honeycomb Cowfish

 Queen Angelfish

 Splendid Toadfish

 French Angelfish

 Queen Angelfish

 Divemaster and Lori

Slides below here were added 01/30/2000


 Turtle Munching on something

 Turtle again

 Nice Turtle & Diver shot


 Christmas Tree Worm, I think

 Diver at a Swim Through

 Gray Angelfish


 This diver is so happy he's dancing

 Queen Angelfish


 BrianT on a Reef


Columbia Deep

 Eagle Ray

 Eagle Ray

 One More Eagle Ray

La Fransisca

Rock Beauty's


 Blue Tang


 Divemaster Fernando Calvillo

 Stoplight Parrotfish

 Divemaster Jesus

 Queen Angelfish

 Queen Angelfish


 Stoplight Parrotfish, Initial phase

 Young Yellowtail Damsel fish




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