Hi, Grammie, Grandpa, Grandma Marvella, Aunts and Uncles!  Momma took some pictures of me while I was working.  I know, I have a messy play area.  I was cooking on my stove, but then I had an accident in the sandbox with these trucks over here.  Now, it seems momma needs a load of sand somewhere.

What?  You need a load of sand?  Just a minute, I'll load my truck.

Sure takes a while to load this truck with a shovel.
I need a bigger piece of equipment!

Now who put this little truck in there?

Hey, I can't back up.  That wheelbarrow is in my way.

Hey momma!  Where do you want me to dump this?

Looks like it is clear, no traffic.

You want me to put it back in the sandbox?

And when I am not working in the sandbox, I am trying to learn to play this trumpet.
I call it a tooter.  I think I play it better than momma or daddy!