Halloween 2002

    He is one of his favorite toys, Billy Blazes Rescue Hero.  A firefighter.
He said the suit had to be shiny metal, just like his rescue hero toy.  I spray painted a pair of pink rubber boots to make him the silver boots he wanted. He seems to be happy with his final costume.



2 He is standing by his Rescue Hero toys.  He plays with them ALL the time. The huge aquatic command center has taken up residence in the living room since it is played with every day.

3 So serious!  Must be looking for a fire to put out.

The couch makes a great mountain to climb on in search of fires.
5 ==   6


a  Done modeling his costume, well most of it.  He has to keep on the suit and the boots.  He has had them on for days!  I think he is going to wear it until he outgrows it! Now he is getting his rescue heroes out on the floor, lining them all up in their vehicles.

  Looks like he found a fire to put out.

 Now he is showing off his TINY eyeball car.  He wants me to take a picture of it but it is way too small to do that.  


Here is OUR Billy Blazes Rescue Hero, part of the Rescue Hero Team he is standing there with.  What a smile!