Tanana Valley Fair 2002


First ride ever.  We were surprised he was finally ready to try one.

second ride 05

Second ride.  Loved it at first, but when it went up in the air he got afraid and wanted out.

second ride 08
Way up high and yelling "I don't like it. I want to get off!"  As soon as it got lower, though, he was happy again and didn't want off.  He just didn't like being up there.  

petting zoo 06

He has been asking for a cat, or a dog.  So we took him to the petting zoo.  He would not get in to pet them, just stood outside and put pieces of food on the railing for the puppies to reach up and get.  Finally he got in and he squealed and played with them.  He kept putting sawdust on them.  Silly boy.

He had to have a big gun shaped balloon.  After he got it we were sitting down taking a lunch break when I looked up at him and in the midst of the crowd there stood my son with his pants pulled down and he was working on his underwear.  I hurriedly asked what he was doing, thinking maybe we better hurry to the bathroom.  Nope.  He said "I need a holder, like Woody's, for my gun"  He was attempting to put his big balloon into his pants to use them for a gun holder.  And he did it.  See.
gun holder


Lunch time.  BBQ.  

last ride

Before heading home he wanted to go on that ride "one more time" so he did.

We see lots of kids with face painting so we asked if he wanted to do it too.  He said yes and picked up this one. A batman mask.  Getting his face painted he was a little leary about it but held still really well.  He loved what it looked like when done.

After that he ran around like a crazy person being a superhero with his backpack on and his balloons tied to them. 
face painting

batman face

balloons 04

balloons 06

big balloons

both guys
The end of the day. Time to go home. Fair is over for 2002. Can't wait for next year!