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The table is all set for our little birthday boy's fourth birthday party dinner out on the deck during a lull in the rain. Menu consists of lemonaid, pepperoni pizza and yellow cake with vanilla/raspberry ice cream.  He picked the menu. He even picked the plates we are eating out of:  he gets the Rugrats plate, Dad gets the Star Wars plate, and Mom gets the Planter's Peanut plate. He likes PowerPuff Girls so he brought out his PowerPuff Girls cup to drink out of.  
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He wanted us to get party hats.  They are still on the table (above)--soon to be on everyone's head!  I told him he could pick out one toy at the store himself on his birthday and he picked, Jimmy Neutron. Hmmm. We don't even get that show. He says "Jimmy Neutron is super hero".  He is REALLY into superheroes.

Here (below) is the birthday boy standing by the cake and present table. He picked Spongebob Squarepants  for me to make his cake of. To keep to a theme, as if that is possible, Spongebob wrapping paper was used. He also likes Powerpuff Girls so he got some Powerpuff Girls wrapping paper covered presents too.  He picked out his balloon which he is showing off, Powerpuff Girls, of course! They are "super heroes!"  

He loves his toy kitchen which is in the background, along with his toy house which we got a couple of weeks ago. You can tell he likes his kitchen by what he asked for for presents. What did he get for presents?  What he asked for: toy dishes and toy food. He also got a stuffed toy cat that walks, a squirt gun, and some books (Captain Underpants and Buzz Lightyear).

18   balloon2      balloon3  


The party moved inside due to rain. It started raining hard so we had to move inside to finish the party.
What an expression.  Looks like he is thinking "Let me check Dad, are you doing it right?  Yep get that one too."
If you want to make your own cake, or find ideas for parties, check out Nick Jr site for parties .  
Their cake instructions are here . I didn't have all the items they suggested. Our Spongebob is made with only frosting for decoration. The sleeves, pants legs and shoes are made with twinkies cut in half.  The legs and arms are Keebler frosted wafers.
spongebob cake

Blowing out the candles.
He can do it all by himself this year!

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The birthday boy in his party hat.  

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