Hi.  Here I am at this big rock!  

This is the Felix Pedro Monument outside of Fairbanks, Alaska.

It is located on the Steese Highway.  This is the 100 year anniversary of discovery of gold in 1902.  This summer the site was expanded and redone.  

It has meaning to me because in July of this year my daddy worked on the construction of this new site.  He was one of the guys who did the asphalt work here.  It sure is different now.  

Pedro Monument

Well, my daddy didn't work on this but isn't it nice?  A bathroom!  There is a nice handicap accessible ramp here too and a new stairway. There are trails up the hill and a big covered area up there.  Mom didn't get any pictures of them yet because they were working on them the day we came to take pictures. Maybe she will get more soon.